It is quite free to have your books included in the appropriate categories of the Smutty Stories store. Simply fill out the form located HERE for each title. We update the store as quickly as feasible, usually once daily. You can also enter your free books HERE (including those only temporarily free or free with a coupon).

Want your own author page, too, with all of your Kindle books included? Well, that'll cost ya. Not much, but it's not free. For a one-time fee of $20, it's all yours. Just complete this FORM.

Want to be added to Smutty Stories' Twitter list and have an RSS feed included in its tweet stream? Again, not free. Cheap, though. A mere $5 for a full year of tweety goodness. Just complete this FORM.

Lastly, would you like one of your books included on the FEATURED page of the Smutty Stories store? That will set you back a whopping $5 per title per month. There are only 9 spots available each month, and they're filled in the order paid. (Not requested, PAID.) Just complete this FORM.

This site is brand spankin' new, so there isn't any traffic data to share with y'all yet. Only time will tell if you get any bang for your buck.

All affiliate earnings & revenue from these services will be used to pay for the domain & to promote the site (which, in turn, promotes its authors). WIN!

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