Smutty Stories is a consortium of filthy minded authors who think Amazon should enable sub-categories of erotica in its listings. After all, one kink most definitely does not fit all, and there are such a titillating variety of kinks. Given that product tags are wiki-like in their fallibility, this site was created to help readers find the smut that suits their particular fancies using categorization provided by the one who would know best (i.e., the author).

But why smut, you ask? Why not something more tasteful, like... say... erotica? Because, by definition, erotica doesn't necessarily include explicit sex. The books on these shelves most definitely do! We don't sugar coat it, try to whitewash it into respectability. It's sex. It's raw and primal. It's hot and sticky and glorious and should be celebrated, not treated like the red-headed stepchild of the romance genre.

All affiliate earnings & revenue from listing services is used to pay for the domain & to promote the site which, in turn, promotes its authors.

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